Matthew Flynn


Game Music

These six tracks are from Matthew's recent collection of video game music, "Sounds of Adventure." The whole collection is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store, for use in commercial and independently developed video games. In addition to composing, Matthew also has experience implementing music in games, using Wwise and Unity.

If you like Matthew's style and would like work with him, go to the contact page and send him an email. Please enjoy listening to this sample of Matthew's game music!

Beyond just writing music, Matthew has experience implementing his music in games, with Unity and Wwise software. Shown here is a video clip of him playing the open source video game "Cube," with his original music inserted into the game. Both the composition and the implementation of this music was done by Matthew.

Having an extensive background in computer science as well as music, Matthew is very interested in the creation of interesting and effective adaptive music systems for games. Please enjoy watching this video, and notice the complex use of music reacting to different gameplay situations.

Film Music

These videos showcase two of Matthew's "rescores," scenes from existing films, where he has removed the original score and composed new music. The first scene is from Bart Freudlich's "After the Wedding," and the second from Duncan Jones' "Moon." There are also audio clips below the two videos.

If you like Matthew's music and would like to work with him, go to the contact page and send him an email. Please enjoy watching and listening!