Matthew Flynn

Composer, Audio Programmer

Sound has the ability to tell stories, to evoke emotion, and to bring worlds to life. These are the things that Matthew Flynn strives to do with his work in music and audio. In the Summer of 2023, he worked in New York City as an intern for Grammy-nominated composer Daniel Kluger. During his time there, Matthew assisted in the production of Mr. Kluger's music. He contributed to the sound design and audio editing of an upcoming short film. He also helped Mr. Kluger set up his new music studio, with colleagues Derik Lee and Ian Kagey, Grammy-award winning recording engineers.

In 2021, Matthew co-composed and implemented the soundtrack for a physical therapy video game at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, currently undergoing patient trials. In order to encourage and support players through the difficult process of releaning lost muscular functions, the score was made highly interactive. Musical parameters such as tempo, timbre, and arrangement change in real time based on how well the players are able to move their hands. This direct and immediate feedback from the music aims to promote higher player engagement, and better patient outcomes. The score was implemented using MIDI in Wwise, allowing the fine grain control needed to produce something that went beyond the typical adaptive score.

Matthew has scored numerous short film projects, writing music that evokes many different moods to underscore many different stories. Limbo2, a film about sorrow, belonging, and what it means to have a home, called for music that was somber, nostalgic, and foreboding at times. Acquiescence, a film about a woman in the 1910s reconsidering her marriage, required poignant themes expressing the complicated emotions of confliction and turmoil

Matthew is currently pursuing a degree in Music for New Media at The Peabody Conservatory, under the direction of Thomas Dolby, as well as a simultaneous degree in Computer Science at The Johns Hopkins University.

You can contact Matthew by email at, or through his contact page.