Matthew Flynn


Composer Credits

Acquiescence, short film by Grace Fitzgerald.

  • Approx. 15 minute drama set in 1910s about a woman on her wedding day

Savior of the Universe, short film by Gevena Klein.

  • Approx. 10 minute drama about a Superhero from the 70s living in the modern world

Project Nono (working title), video game under development by the Kata Design Studio, Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

  • Composed with Christopher Kennedy, Cade Mullen, and Naomi Biela
  • Game developed for use in stroke victim rehabilitation
  • Fully interactive score implemented in Wwise

Limbo², short film by Ali Can Usuloglu.

  • Appox. 20 minute documentary
  • Story of the director's family emmigrating to the United States

Contract composer at Creative Outfit, multimedia production company based in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Under contract during Winter 2020-2021; Intern during Summer 2019
  • Composed music for promotional corporate videos, and internal music library

Sounds of Adventure, independently produced video game music collection sold on the Unity Asset Store.

  • 17 looping music tracks of various genres
  • Included playback engine to facilitate looping, fading between tracks, etc.

Various Promotional Videos for Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia PA.

  • Videos used in fundraising efforts by the school

Other Experiences

Project Dew (working title), game (unreleased) developed by SapX Studio.

  • Audio Programmer and General Programmer
  • Implemented dynamic music playback system and sound effect triggering using Unity and Wwise
  • Programmed various game mechanics (platformer) in C#